Marion Newlevant:
Web Developer

A software craftswoman in Portland, Oregon with a thing for clean code...


Nerd Cred (a few ancient highlights)

  • Wrote an interpreter for the Intel 8080 in 8086 assembly language that allows CP/M to run under XENIX.
  • Worked on the Xerox Star distributed name server, in particular the Authentication server.
  • During a port of the NeXTSTEP operation system to the Sparc hardware, ported NeXTSTEP user level libraries (libc and others) to Sparc hardware.

Lovely things people have said about me:

Marion is a pleasure to work with, and expertly crafted our new, responsive, website and web infrastructure for PatternAgents. She has a passion for clean, well documented code, which made all of our jobs much easier, and she taught us all a great deal by her example. We are happy to recommend her highly, and plan to work with her again. — Tom Moxon,

Marion is not only a whip-smart, detail-oriented, meticulous programmer who can learn anything practically on-the-spot, in the unlikely event she doesn’t already know it, but she’s also one of those rare people who writes status reports, comments her code and tries to make it easily understandable, easy to modify, etc. and all those rare traits that used to define a Real Coder. Plus she’s a sweet-heart and a real joy to work with! — Rob Vaughn,

I probably spent more time working with Marion than anyone at Joingo. She was a pleasure to work with. She had an amazing ability to dive into a new area and master it — and probably worked on more areas of our software than anybody. Her computer language skills always amazed me — she quickly learned Python, Javascript, ExtJS, Django, SASS and wrote some of the cleanest code in our system. — John Anderson,

Finally updated the design of my website! Design, illustration and contents are all me, and the underlying code is all my fabulous mother, who was a total saint about it. — Hazel Newlevant,

Marion is a genius web developer with amazing code-writing ability. — Sharon Hanson,

Drives me to Drink. — Angie Herrera,

Marion is an absolute superstar. She writes exceedingly clean code and always finds the most efficient way to build things. She’s also continually learning and adding new tricks to her repertoire, which is essential these days given the rapid pace of change in technology. On top of her impressive technical skills, she’s by far the easiest developer to work with that I’ve ever encountered. She’s very mellow and yet she sports a laser like focus on the details - she’s a treat to work with! — Eric Niemi,